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Since 2008, Rachael Dunville's Aerosha has been trusted for its holistic, feel-good journey of Intimacy-Mentorship, Conscious-Conversation, and Creative-Movement. It is Aerosha's belief that all beings may return home to your joyous creativity, your sumptuous sensuality, and your practice of pleasure, well-being, and authenticity!

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*INTRO CALL: INTIMACY ALIGNMENT (75-minutes) - $100 (call for appointment)
*TEXT/CALL 417-860-2034 TO SCHEDULE*
*CREATIVE CONVERGENCE OF SOURCE + SOUL + SEX, INTIMACY BEGINS WITH YOU + YOU. In this 75-minute conversation, enjoy clarity and guidance from Rachael Dunville, a dedicated, lighthearted facilitator of holistic, creative, sacred, and Intimate Wellness with over 15-years of collected wisdom, techniques, and experience.

Rachael's compassionate, playful, and intuitive guidance inspires radiance, self-empowerment, and spiritual healing as part of a journey to amplified pleasure, and a celebration of everyday bliss!

In this conversation, Rachael will fully listen to you; what is spoken, what is left unsaid, what is believed, what is true. She will guide you towards relief and illuminate a new path of wellness and exploration of our birthright: pleasure, fun, and well-being.

Together on this initial in-depth call, we will generally explore the challenges you perceive in your life and we’ll get clear on your vision for what you most want in your overall Self. From this hopeful place, we will discuss a personalized action plan full of support and practical tools that will carry you with confidence and emotional grounding through your journey of profound, intimate transformation.

Rachael offers her heart and wisdom in abundance by standing witness to you and reflecting your light. Allow her to hold sacred space while you journey home, back to yourself, where you will live awakened, full of succulence, freedom, pleasure, and joy!

Any person, of any age, preferences, relationship status', and genders may schedule an Intro Call with Rachael. Her mentorship is intended to complement, not replace, other professional treatments. Please see your doctor for traditional mental, emotional, and physical health care.


*PRIVATE SOLO MOVEMENT SESSION (1 guest, 60-min, TEXT/CALL 417-860-2034) - $85 (call for appointment)
*TEXT/CALL 417-860-2034 TO SCHEDULE*
Be like BUTTER as we SLOWLY ooze and melt and slide and flow through various shapes and curves of the body. Conducted in our darkened, candle-lit studio, participants will enjoy a custom-version of our luxurious warmup stretch (a 15-20-minute positive-message, moving-meditation + floor-flow), followed by a progressive, customized-to-you movement-lesson, gently introducing your body to a unique language of molten movement that is as natural as it is exhilarating.

To conclude our hour, experienced Aeroshans may choose to bring an inspiring song to share their in-this-moment expression -or- they may enjoy learning transition-rich, delicately-divine, and savor-worthy sequences that may be practiced on-repeat in our studio or even on your kitchen-floor. Yum!

Do you have a pole?
- 85% of the class uses no equipment except a provided signature-circle-mat on our resident floor and optional kneepads (available for purchase) and socks (byo or purchase). 15% of the class may incorporate our resident arm-chair, our resident pole, or our resident wall.

What do I wear?
- Please wear clothing that feels cozy + comfortable—in all seasons, we recommend layers/options for your comfort.

Who can come to Aerosha?
- No experience needed. Beginners welcome. Any participant, of any age, gender, lifestyle, and body-shape may choose to experience Aerosha's Custom PRIVATE SESSIONS at the frequency and class size of their choosing.

Why is Aerosha different from a workout or pole-fitness?
- We are ALL about the work-IN! Join us to relax, reconnect with your magnificence, and feel recharged for your day. We play in metaphors, we focus on growth in a unique method that is the essence of our Well-Being as humans. We view movement as medicine, we invite the feelings to flow, we celebrate vulnerability. Aerosha is great for people wishing to practice presence and self-soothing while experiencing emotional relief and energetic release––a true gift to the Self. Mirrors are absent, as is eye-contact for maximum tune-into-self-opportunity. Poles in our studio are one of many tools for information and practice of the concepts taught throughout the Aerosha Journey. We are NOT a traditional pole-dancing or pole-fitness studio. Aerosha does not fit into a tidy category or description. For over a decade, people with whom this resonates have trusted their guidance to show up and experience a unique physical, emotional, spiritual re-commitment to Self. We are here when you are ready, the timing is always divine. Call or text for an appointment. xo
*CUSTOM MOVEMENT WORKSHOP (1-3 guests, 90-min, TEXT/CALL 417-860-2034) - $195 (call for appointment)
Deep down, we all share vulnerable and self-conscious feelings. But what if we could invite our critical inner dialogue to hush, and as we reveal our most whole, confident, Divine Self?

Sculpt your courage while you explore playful techniques in our sultry workshop offerings designed to honor your essence, deepen your vocabulary, and create a feeling of freedom and a spectacle of ART. These enlightening workshops guide you through an informative discussion full of tips for preparing and sharing your Self in various methods. When you call to schedule, we will discuss your goals, brainstorm around your vision and gifts, and create a plan for a highly inspiring workshop time for your Self or you and a few friends. The tools in the Aerosha toolbox are PLENTY and Rachael is eager to create with you!
*BELOVED PACKAGE (1 guest, TEXT/CALL 417-860-2034) - $595 (call for appointment)
*TEXT/CALL 417-860-2034 TO SCHEDULE*
Invite your Beloved, your special guest, to witness your unique expression in the luscious, dark, private, sensual Aerosha studio space. Step into your powerful pleasure path, surrounded by beautiful candles and deep sound to support your FLOW. Become present, deepen your self-awareness, move your body with confidence, leverage your best assets, feel into your most creative expression of Self, and have FUN sharing as you deeply enrich your relationship with your body as art, and of course, your Beloved (as all relationships are always enhanced on our journey of authenticity, expression, worthiness, and allowing.)

ONE Private 1-hour Solo Movement Session
ONE Private 1-hour Solo Mentorship Session
ONE 2-hour Solo Specialty-Workshop
TWO 30-minute Practice Sessions
Movement + Mentorship Homework
Custom Curated Playlist
Wardrobe and Event Consult
30-minute Session with your Loved-One

Additional offerings + sessions may be purchased separately. Please inquire for CUSTOM PACKAGES and other options.
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